Amish and Mennonites

There are many differences and similarities between the Amish and the Mennonites. The Amish seem to be a bit more traditional than the Mennonites. Although different orders of Mennonites differ from each other, so do Amish. We will now take a look at the main differences and similarities between them.


Mennonites speak mainly English. Most Amish still use Pennsylvania Dutch(German). In Amish schools both English and German are taught.


Amish people dress in plain clothes. Some Mennonites dress plain but tend to be a little more modern. Amish will wear solid colors where as Mennonites women can have printed clothes. A large percent of Mennonites dress in clothes not distinctive from English people’s clothes.

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Most of the Amish drive horse and buggies. A majority of the Mennonites drive cars.

Amish horse and buggy
Amish use horse and buggies as transportation but most Mennonites use cars


The Amish do not embrace technology, but the Mennonites do. Mennonites tend to use electricity in their homes as well as telephones. They are often seen using tractors. In contrast, most Amish use horses hooked to farm implements. They do not have electricity in their homes, although some have telephones and electricity in their barns. Unlike the Mennonites, the Amish have very little contact with the outside world.


Amish formal education ends at the 8th grade. Whereas the Mennonite’s formal education ends at the 12th grade. Some even go on to college.


Amish and Mennonite groups are both Christians. They both believe in adult baptism, follow the New Testament and follow Jesus in daily life. Mennonites worship in meeting houses, while the Amish worship in homes, shops or barns.

A few more bits of information. Amish live in just the United states and Canada, but the Mennonites live in many different countries and continents. Mennonites and Amish have common historical roots. Their beginnings date back to the Protestant Reformation.

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