Ethridge Amish

Ethridge, TN is the home of the South’s largest “Old Order” Amish settlement, the Ethridge Amish. “Old Order” means they have no modern conveniences such as cars, tractors, electricity and running water. They are located in Lawrence County.

The Ethridge Amish came to this settlement in 1944. They made their way by train, carrying as many of their possessions as possible They brought with them, horses, equipment, household goods and personal items.

There are approximately 250 Amish families in Ethridge today. You can often see them traveling the roads by horse and buggy. Although out and about doing their necessary errands, they prefer to associate with their own kind.

Religion and Amish family life are very important to the community. Amish families visit with each other often. They take care of their own. They do not believe in worldliness, and all kinds are sinful. When you visit, remember to respect the Ethridge Amish. It is against their religious beliefs to have their photograph taken. To the Amish it is a sinful practice. So please hold off on the pictures.

Many of Ethridge Amish make a living by working the land. Other Amish make a living by making furniture, bridles, and buggies. Women sell vegetables, quilts, rugs and sweets. Signs at the end of each driveway tell what the family is selling. Items you make want to take home as souvenirs.

Just like many other Amish, Amish education only goes through the eight grade. They go to school in one room Amish schoolhouses. All grades learning in one room. They study much of the same as non-Amish children. This includes reading and arithmetic. Amish children also study English and German.

Ethridge, TN is quite a delight. It’s well worth the visit to learn about the Ethridge Amish. Come and visit the south’s largest Amish community.

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