Amish Population

Religious communities live a very simple life away from urban area. There are significant populations of Amish people in 31 states and four Canadian provinces. Estimates as of 2018 show that there are over 330,000 Amish living in the United States. The Amish population has been growing over the years due to large family size and children staying in the Amish religion. Lancaster county in Pennsylvania and Holmes county in Ohio are the two most populated counties in the United States. Pennsylvania and Ohio are also the most populated states. Amish live in many separate settlements. A settlement can be as large as Holmes county or as small as three or four households.

Top 10 Amish populations by state (2018)

  1. Pennsylvania 76,620
  2. Ohio 75,830
  3. Indiana 54,825
  4. Wisconsin 21,035
  5. New York 19,835
  6. Michigan 15,465
  7. Missouri 12,860
  8. Kentucky 12,639
  9. Iowa 9,475
  10. Illinois 7,825

Population statistics were taken from World Population Review.

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