Amish Settlements

Amish settlement describes the geographical location where a group of Amish are found. For instance, Lancaster, Pennsylvania would be an Amish settlement. Amish settlements have sprung up in areas all across North America. Therefore, the Amish population is estimated at over 330,000. That is up nearly 150 percent from 25 years ago. The increase is do to mainly two factors. First, the large family size. And second is a high retention rate. Amish families normally have between 6 and 7 children. In addition, most of these Amish do not leave their order.

The Amish are located is as many as 31 states. The first most populated area is Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. Second, being Holmes County in Ohio. And third, being Elkhart county in Indiana. The Amish have also settled in Canada and Central America not just the United States. An Amish settlement consist of 20 to 30 small groups of families. Amish societies can be organized in many ways. One way is by orders. An order is like an association that follows similar guidelines for living. Second, location is another way a society is organized. And lastly, where the Amish family worships. They have their own private Amish schoolhouses. This is where their children attend in the Amish settlements.

Lancaster county, Holmes county, and Elkhart county are also 3 popular tourist attractions. They offer tours and buggy rides. In addition,you can do some sight seeing. I will discuss these more in later pages. If you want more information on them, I have links on the bottom of this page. If you’d like just the quiet, peaceful surroundings. It’s nothing touristy, but the real deal. You can try a small settlement like in Pontotoc County. The Pontotoc county Amish are Swartzentruber Amish. They live in north Mississippi.

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