Amish Schoolhouse Recipes

Now for the good stuff!

Amish cooking is all about being comforting, filling and practical. If you are looking for old fashioned style Amish recipes, you’ve come to the right place. I have recipes for that important meal of the day, breakfast. You will also find the best meal of the day, dessert. We all love our breads. Of course the hearty meals, the main courses, soups and sides dishes are important too. These recipes are a perfect reminder that sometimes the best way to find joy is to slow down and thank God for the people who matters most, your family. Sit down and enjoy a dish of a good home style recipe.

Amish lunch is served!

Sometimes, Amish women will fix a meal and bring it to the Amish schoolhouse. That makes for a treat for the students and teacher. I love to make Amish recipes because they’re fun to make and taste oh so delicious. If you’re grilling on the pit, don’t forget to check out my Amish Barbecue sauce. I have recipes for every taste bud. So get out your measuring spoons and let us begin.

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