Reading about Amish

I love reading about the Amish people. Fiction, nonfiction, it’s all good. I’d like to share with you some interesting Amish books. Reading about the Amish can better help you understand them. Whether you’re reading an Amish nonfiction book about buggies or an Amish Fiction book about an Amish girl going on a cruise, it will be an exciting adventure.

The Crow’s Call

When three men are in a terrible accident, the women they leave behind are having to cope. Amy King’s mother needs help with the family greenhouse business while Amy is trying to deal with the stress of losing her father and brother. Amy ask Jared Riehl to put their courtship on hold. As things become more stressful, will Amy crumble under pressure. Read Book 1 of Wanda Brunstetter’s new Amish Greenhouse Mystery.

The Mockingbird’s Song

After losing her husband, father and brother, Sylvia is in deep sorrow and anxiety. While taking care of her 2 young children, she tries to help with the greenhouse business. Sylvia’s mother is very suspicious of Dennis Weaver the new guy in town while there are mysterious attacks on the greenhouse. Read Book 2 of Wanda Brunsterrer’s new Amish Greenhouse Mystery.

When Sadie Kuhns completes a unique design wall hanging that seamlessly blends traditional Amish and Hawaiian quilt patterns, friends encourage her to self publish a book. But the project is only a dream until an aunt bequeaths her a large estate worth millions of dollars. Will Sadie find a way to blend the conflicting fragments of her life into a beautiful creation, or will her aunt’s last gift tear Sadie’s world apart?

An Amish Christmas Wedding is a collection of four Christmas stories written by four different authors. These bestselling authors include Amy Clipston, Kelly Irvin, Kathleen Fuller and Vannetta Chapman. These delightful stories are perfect for celebrating love, joy and everyday miracles an Amish country Christmas can bring.

Twin sisters Elma and Thelma Hochstetler do everything together. They live together, they run a general store in Indiana together, and they are growing old together-neither one marrying young like their peers. But that could all change if one of the marries. Enjoy a dash of comedy and pinch or whimsy as twin sisters navigate through the Amish dating scene in this two-story collection.

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