Amish Family Life

Typical Amish family with buggy
Typical Amish family with buggy

Family life is very important in the Amish culture. The Amish are known for simple living and plain clothing. Modern technology does not suit well with the Amish. They are slow to adapt to modern conveniences . Family time is important to the Amish and they prefer face to face conversation. Yes, that means no cell phones. An Amish family is usually quite large in size. Families average around 7 children but it is not unusual to have 10 or more children. Teenagers in families, beginning around age 16, have a period know as Rumspringa. It is a rite of passage during adolescence. Rumspringa, ends for a youth when he either chooses to be baptized in the Amish Church or leave the community.

Chores and Jobs

There is a lot to do on an Amish farm so and all family members must participate. In the morning, Amish children wake early. Before school, which is in a one-room Amish schoolhouse, they have chores to do such as feeding the farm animals and shoveling the snow. Gardening is another chore left for women and children. Many vegetables are picked to sell at the Amish market. Men, who are the head of the household, often farm. Some Amish men work in other jobs and businesses such as making buggies or crafting harnesses. Amish men create beautiful pieces of Amish furniture which is sold for a profit. Amish women have much to do running a household but some women actually do have other jobs. A women may be a teacher or she could quilt. Both would help add income to the family household. Amish families manage their money well and a substantial savings is very common.

Buggies and Clothes

According to Amish Family life, if Amish have to travel to a job, they will take a horse and buggy. Amish do not drive cars although some Amish use drivers to bring them far distances. The horses are kept in the barn. A barn is one type of outdoor structure the Amish build. Amish clothes is usually solid and plain which reflects many bible scriptures. The Amish frown upon those displaying pride in their dress. James 4:6, states “…God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.


The Amish don’t have health insurance but they do go to the doctor or hospital if needed. The community helps pay any health expenses an Amish may have. Amish finances depend on the help of each other.

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