Children Growing up Amish

When children grow up Amish they have many responsibilities that require their attention along with school work. Most Amish children are educated in a one-or-two room schoolhouse. A few Amish children still attend public schools. Amish children are called scholars. There is no formal education beyond the 8th grade.


At recess, Amish children play many games. Softball is a common sport Amish children enjoy. A fun innocent game of softball is encourage. Youth participation in competitive softball leagues has been discouraged in some areas. Many Amish disapprove of uniforms. the promotion of competition and pride and play on Sundays. If raining, children in the schoolhouse play games such as checkers, uno and darts.

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Fun Activities

Amish children play outdoor games including volleyball and hockey. Volleyball nets are often seen on the lawn of the Amish. In addition, hockey is a winter sport only played in northern communities. Another site often seen is basketball hoops in Amish driveways or attached to barns. Popular games also include Cornerball, corn hole and lawn croquet. Girls, still play with homemade dolls that are usually faceless. A faceless doll indicates that all children are the same in God’s eyes. Both boy and girl dolls do exist. Children also play with homemade toys. Pleasure and amusement are considered a waste of time and evil in some conservative orders Idleness can lead to mischief and other vices. There is little time for leisure. Even though the idea of recreation is changing in more conservative orders.

Two young Amish girls sitting on a porch.
Two young Amish girls


Family is very important to the socialization of the children into the Amish culture, when growing up Amish Work is ingrained in the Amish way of life. It is a valuable and productive way to spend time. Amish children go to bed early because of the chores they have to do. They do these chores before getting ready for school. Everyone’s day begins early in the morning. Every single member of the Amish family is considered a productive member of the community, including the children. Some chores that children are responsible for are feeding the animals and sweeping. Also making beds, cleaning the horse stalls and looking after their younger siblings.

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Young adults going through Rumspringa, have a period of freedom before they decide if they will join the Amish church. But most teens still adhere to traditional Amish behavior. Some young people rebel during Rumspringa. They may begin driving cars, watching television, decorating their buggies and wearing English clothing. Teens normally begin dating at this time. Teens are reminded during Rumspringa that they have a choice about whether or not to become a member of the church. The youth have a decision to make that will change the course of their life at the end of Rumspringa

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